Experiences With Pest Control Issues On The Gold Coast

Every year I get stink bugs in and around my home. I noticed as it was getting warmer outside, I was noticing them more and more. I didn’t want to put up with them this year and thought they were going to be worse than they have ever been. I talked to my husband about our options to get rid of them and he agreed that hiring a company for pest control Gold Coast area has would be the best option. I wanted to make sure I hired a company that had success at removing and controlling these stink bugs so I started checking out my options.

I went online and searched for pest control Gold Coast. I found several different pest control companies. I decided to give them a call and see what they could tell me over the phone as far as what they would charge and if they were successful in eliminating them for past clients. I got lots of helpful information when I called around and learned which company had the lowest prices.

Before hiring just any pest control company, I wanted to make sure I was hiring a good one. Sometimes just talking to them over the phone doesn’t give the information to make a good decision. I went back online and searched for reviews about these pest control companies. I wanted to see if I could find anything out about them. I found a few reviews here and there, but not enough information to make a decision. That’s when I decided to look on Facebook to see if these companies had Facebook pages and reviews there. I found a few companies that did have reviews so I read and learned a little more about them.

I decided to ask my Facebook friends if they could give me any advice or if they had hired any of these companies to get rid of stink bugs. I had a friend suggest a company that was able to get rid of them for them. I called that company and set up an appointment with them. They were able to come to my home and spray for the stink bugs a few days later. Since they sprayed I haven’t had any issues with these bugs and it seems like it worked. It was worth the money I paid to eliminate them from my home.

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