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Air Conditioning Options For The Home In London

Domestic AC InstallationAir conditioning systems play a major role in a home’s comfort and indoor air quality throughout Greater London. Understanding the differences between the air conditioning options available in the market can help you make a well-informed decision when upgrading or installing a new system. It is important to choose the most efficient option for your particular situation because choosing the wrong one can significantly impact your energy costs. In this article, we are going to discuss the air conditioning options;

Ductless or Mini Split Air Conditioner

Mini split air conditioners consist of two separate pieces of equipment; the 1st unit is installed outdoors and consists of a compressor and a condenser, and the 2nd unit is installed indoor and includes an evaporator. These air conditioners are ideal for cooling rooms, or large open areas inside a home. The main advantage of the ductless system is its’ flexibility in cooling both individual rooms or large zones. They’re also very energy efficient as they give you the ability to conveniently cool a particular zone/part while leaving the other zones/parts turned off. There are some units which even come fully equipped with remote controls and timers to help give users better control of their air conditioning.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners can be described as freestanding, easy to move units which cool your home by drawing in hot, humid air, removing moisture and heat, and returning cool fresh air into your home. They vent the hot, humid air to a different location (usually outdoors), through an exhaust hose. There are 2 main types of portable air conditioners, namely, single and dual hose. The single hose unit utilises one hose to vent the hot, humid air outside your home, while the dual hose works to cool the hot, humid air in your home and then returns it where it came from.

Window Air Conditioners

These are among the most common type of air conditioners in the market in London. These cooling units are installed in the window, or external wall, basically depending on the unit you buy. These units provide the most cost-effective solution for cooling a single room. They are relatively cheap and have plenty of cooling power. They are also easy to install since they’re loved and just sit in the window. They are considered to be the best choice for renters because they can be moved without too much hassle. Suitable air conditioning companies that install window air conditioning systems can be found in the search engines by searchin for ‘air conditioning installation London’.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning, otherwise known as central air conditioning, typically involves an internal fan coil that’s located in the roof space, connected to each conditioned zone or room through ducts. Depending on your type of system, the separate ducts may allow individual rooms to be zoned to individual temperatures. Although ducted air conditioning tends to be more expensive than most of the other options, it’s usually much cheaper and more powerful, and can be used to cool large spaces which would otherwise require 2 or more mini-split systems.

To find a good air conditioning company within  Greater London, simply search using the search engines – air conditioning installation London and you should be able to find a good air conditioning company.

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